“With the help of BADBADNOTGOOD’s Leland Whitty, alt-rock Toronto band Jane’s Party have once again produced a conceptual wonder of modern sound.”
— Jonathan Frahm (Pop Matters)
“In my world, bands rarely surpass four members. A bass, guitar, piano, and drums are the only essentials needed to get people out of their seats and dancing like idiots. Special effects don’t attract fans, catchy hooks do, and lead singers are always accompanied by rich harmonies and backing vocals. Is this too much to ask of today’s musical talent? Maybe so, but at least there’s one group out there meeting my specifications; Toronto indie-rockers Jane’s Party. ”
— Adam Lalama (Noisey)
“Jane’s Party’s ever-expanding circle of friends and admirers is a result of touring with a wide array of artists over the past several years [Tom Odell, Arkells, Blue Rodeo, LIGHTS, Sam Roberts Band, Lord Huron, Manic Street Preachers], during which they’ve honed their skills at winning over almost every type of audience.”
— Jason Schneider (FYI Music News)


Toronto-based pop-rock quartet Jane's Party - comprised of Devon Richardson, Tom Ionescu, Jeff Giles, and Zach Sutton - have just released “Casual Island”.

  “Casual Island” began as a set of home studio demos inspired by Jane's Party's experience supporting Tom Odell's “No Bad Days” tour across Europe in 2016. After returning home the band immediately called up producer Derek Hoffman (The Trews, Arkells, Elwins, Willa), and set up what would become the “Casual Island” sessions. Bassist/singer Devon Richardson says, "Derek is absolutely brilliant at taking what's initially unique and captivating about a musical idea and amplifying it a million times over". "So much of what made the final recordings came right from the original demos [not far removed from Tom Odell's own recording process]", says guitarist/singer Tom Ionescu. "This album feels very personal to us, like we're sharing that initial intimate experience when you're first coming up with the song and recording it in your bedroom", says keyboardist/singer Jeff Giles. The album features collaborations with DJ Skratch Bastid, Leland Whitty (badbadnotgood), Kirty and Matt Angus (Fast Romantics). Drummer Zach Sutton says, "for the four of us, writing and recording music has always been a collaborative process. Bringing in Skratch, Leland and Kirty is our way of expanding the family and getting fresh creative juices into the mix. Every collaboration has been a huge source of inspiration that challenges the way we approach music making".

Jane’s party has shared stages with the likes of Arkells, LIGHTS, Blue Rodeo, Stars, The Trews, Sam Roberts Band, Lowest of The Low, Matt Mays, Tom Odell, Manic Street Preachers, and Lord Huron.


Casual Island (2019)
Tunnel reVisions (2017)
Tunnel Visions (2016)
Hot Noise (2013)
Jane’s Party EP (2011)
The Garage Sessions (2009)

Wait For You (Nov 2018)
Acknowledgements (2018)
You're The Light (2018)
Last Train Home This Christmas (2017)
Guns + Ammunition (2017)
Coming on Strong [Hemingway Remix] (2017)

Featured Playlist

Casual Island [800px].jpg

Casual Island (LP) | 2019

  1. You’re The Light

  2. Arrow

  3. Wait For You

  4. The Only One

  5. Satellite

  6. Straight From The Heart

  7. Epilogue

  8. Acknowledgements (feat. Leland Whitty)

  9. Casual Island (feat. Leland Whitty)


  10. Drive (feat. Kirty)

  11. Right Down The Line (feat. Skratch Bastid)

  12. Surfing On A Sinewave (feat. Leland Whitty)

2018 - Wait For You COVER [1400px].jpg

Wait For You (single) | 2018

  1. Wait For You (3:47)

  2. Drive feat. Kirty (3:35)

Acknowledgements Artwork FINAL (lo-res)-text.jpg

Acknowledgements (single) | 2018

1. Epilogue (0:17)
2. Acknowledgements (2:47)
3. Surfing On A Sinewave feat. Leland Whitty (3:22)

You're The Light (single) | 2018

1. You're The Light (3:29)
2. Right Down The Line feat. Skratch Bastid (3:08)

2017 - Last Train Home For Christmas FINAL1[1000px].jpg

last train home this christmas (single) | 2017

1. Last Train Home This Christmas (3:38)

2017 - JP - G+A Cover (1500px).jpg

Guns + Ammunition (single) | 2017

  1. Guns + Ammunition (2:59)

2017 - JP - reVisions Cover FINAL (notext).jpg

Tunnel reVisions (EP) | 2017

  1. Prologue (0:25)

  2. Ciggy Buzz (3:44)

  3. San Fran (4:27)

  4. WIBM (4:21)

  5. Keep Waiting (4:09)

  6. Homesick Singalong (5:14)

Tunnel Visions (LP) | 2016

  1. Old Friends (4:08)

  2. San Francisco (3:47)

  3. Coming On Strong (3:07)

  4. What I've Been Missing (4:08)

  5. Tunnels (3:58)

  6. Busted Jeans (4:37)

  7. Daydream (3:00)

  8. Cigarette Buzz (3:15)

  9. So Long (3:16)

  10. Time Remembered (3:47)

Hot Noise (LP) | 2013

  1. Palm Reading (3:52)

  2. Meet Me Halfway (2:51)

  3. 'Til You Got Yours (4:19)

  4. Hot Noise Pt. 1 (3:30)

  5. Loose Ends (3:19)

  6. Hideaway (4:01)

  7. Dutch Blue Sky (3:50)

  8. Hot Noise Pt. 2 (4:32)

  9. Miles Away (2:34)

  10. Anytime Now (3:10)

  11. Reds And Blues (3:03)

  12. Seasons (3:53)

Jane's Party (EP) | 2011

  1. Alone Together (2:44)

  2. 1999 (3:16)

  3. What You Wish For (Doesn't Always Come True) (4:10)

  4. What You Believe In (3:41)

  5. Bringing Me Down (4:00)

The Garage Sessions (LP) | 2009

  1. No Good For Me (3:10)

  2. Who You Are (3:03)

  3. Her Pain (3:22)

  4. The After Party (4:49)

  5. Here's To You And Me (4:00)

  6. Please! (3:45)

  7. The Golden Hand (3:51)

  8. Don't Lay Me Down For Love (3:20)

  9. Mona Lisa (Live Acoustic) (3:24)

  10. Into The Wild (1:55)

You're The Light


Coming On Strong


Coming On Strong (Lyric Video)


Old Friends (Live)

Guns + Ammunition


acknowledgements (Live)

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